On the lookout for new communication technologies, the E. Montpetit & fils funeral home offers three sections of online publication. These communication services maximize the web’s effectiveness to broadcast information about the deceased, no matter the time or day of the week.

Online Obituaries

Online obituaries are now a very quick way to broadcast information about the deceased. Indeed, upon confirmation of the funeral arrangements, the text for the notification of the death is displayed in the Obituaries heading of the emontpetit-fils.ca website. Visitors who have registered to the mailing list will receive an email notifying them of a new publication in the name of the deceased. Our software-platform allows us to attach a presentation photo, as well as an audio-visual montage in memory of the deceased. While consulting the obituary, visitors have the opportunity to leave a confidential message of sympathy to the family, or to publicly share personal memories about the deceased.

Online Post-funeral thanks

Online post-funeral thanks are a great way to personally reach visitors who have left a message to the family, or shared a memory through our website homepage. In addition, the thank-you text will appear publicly for a period of two weeks in the online Post-funeral thanks heading of our website. Our software-platform allows us to attach a photo of the deceased.

Online Anniversary of death

The online Anniversary of death section of our website is a modern and efficient way to celebrate the anniversary of the death of a family member. For a period of 2 weeks, your custom Anniversary of death text will be publicly displayed on our homepage. Our software-platform allows us to attach an anniversary photo.